Millennials and the Future of Jobs

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You Millennials and the rest of your generation are just so darn entitled.  You think everything should just be handed to you.  You have no ambition.  Go get a job.

Yeah, I’ve heard that quite a bit myself.  It seems to come as a hazard of being born in the last three decades, being alive to breathe air, and having the audacity to leave my apartment; this sentiment only grows stronger and more culturally pervasive every day.  

At the same time, the people I hear saying this to us are facing heightened unemployment themselves.  They say it’s easy to start a meaningful career as they rapidly begin losing their own.  I hear them complain about “going back to school” to learn job skills; sometimes even in the same breath as they assure me that getting a college degree is my only meaningful way to get a good job.  At the same time, they hit the polls and vote to put bank directors on local Boards of Governors, who then raise state tuition regularly as if they had some interest in the size of the average student loan skyrocketing.  Oh, wait!  They do.

I’ve heard those same people saying that the Government should make more jobs because they had a hard time finding one in the post-recession world; at the same time, they remind me that it should be simple for me to just go find one.  At the same time employers make it harder for someone just getting out of college to get a good job, and the ones that do hire us, hire us to do the job at a 40 or 50-something who they’re going to let go mainly because somehow they can get away with paying us half as much money to do as much work or more.

Not only do I disagree with shaming large groups of people and oversimplifying their struggles, but I also think they’re just wrong about us.  I think that we’re all saying the wrong thing on a fundamental level as well.

Instead of telling Millennials to go “get a job”, instead we should be telling them to “Go make a Job”; which will undoubtedly be followed up with “and make me one too while you’re in there.”

It’s not the government’s place to do this.  Only in Socialism does the government bear that responsibility.  Otherwise, the burden of creating jobs falls on the private sector.  The difference between “Private sector” and “Public sector” is that while Public sector jobs are created by the government and paid via taxes and fees on the public, Private sector job growth is encouraged by the individual (or corporations).  

Now that I mention Corporations I should tell you why we shouldn’t expect a benevolent Billionaire to make us jobs either.  For the purposes of this explanation, I’ll be talking about “C Corps” or what we generally think of as a Corporation.  

Corporations are owned by their shareholders; above all else their primary motivation is to increase the profits of their shareholders (which often includes their higher-level employees) and while this can mean hiring more people and expanding, it often encourages them to downsize, or to have workers do more work for less money in order to make a higher profit margin for themselves and their shareholders.


That brings us to the people.  Why do I think the people have the greatest power to solve the unemployment crisis?  Because we are the only ones who ever have.

Join me next week as we cover the problems that this generation faces in more depth, and then, in the following week, the solutions and a nice, happy ending.

Stay tuned!

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