Guaranteed Income

Retirement can last as long as 30 years and the number one risk for retirees is running out of money.

If your retirement dollars are invested in the stock market you are always at risk of having those dollars reduced by corrections or by non-guaranteed returns. There are alternatives available to you that will not only guarantee your retirement dollars cannot be lost but can also guarantee an income you cannot outlive.

There are those out there in the investment world who will tell you never to invest in annuities but many of them are either purchasing them for themselves or selling them to their largest customers for the very reasons you will want to own them.

Every major corporation in the US and UK use annuities to transfer wealth to their high paid employees. For example General Motors transferred $29 Billion into annuities to cover 118,000 employees and Coca Cola listed $72 Million in premiums in 2015 for the top six executives.

You can learn more by listening to the following interview with Barry James Dyke, author of “Guaranteed Income” on why companies are looking to these instruments for their planning needs.

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Stock market investments (like Target Date Funds) often give you the illusion of control, but any investment without a guarantee will always get hammered in a market meltdown.

Annuities provide competitive savings rates, lifetime income streams and insulate individuals as well as corporations from the economic risks of volatile  stock-market returns, wildly fluctuating interest rates and increased life expectancy.

Over the past hundred years, there has not been one major incident in either the U.S. or Canada in which consumers lost their original investment with a life insurance company. Since the Great Recession of 2007, more than 386 banks have failed in the United States, while not one major North American life insurance company has gone out of business.



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