Got Peace of Mind?

Consultus, through it’s local branch offices, conducts retirement planning seminars for affluent seniors.

Informed retirees are finding new ways to help take back control and
enjoy their lives more through this wonderful, free educational dinner
seminar. Find money falling through the cracks and redirect those
dollars to vacations, entertainment, grandkids, medical expenses, living
expenses, charity—whatever you desire.

You’ll discover…

  • How to insulate yourself from an uncertain global economy.
  • Three misconceptions that your advisors may have not have explained.
  • A strategy to transfer your assets from a taxable environment to one that generates non-taxable retirement income.
  • How to increase your income and lower taxes.

And, much more.

Upcoming Seminars



Giving You the Tools to Maximize Your Benefits!

This informative one hour session is designed to help you plan
how to take your Social Security Benefits so you can recieve
the maximum benefits possible given your personal situation.

Upcoming Seminars