We hold seminars on a regular basis to educate our communities on ways to Preserve, Protect and Prepare for the economic and financial realities of our times. Check out our Schedule and contact us to reserve your Seats.


Financial Planning

The best way to prepare for our financial realities is to complete a comprehensive financial plan, implement that plan and then monitor it on a regular basis.

Retirement Planning

If you are concerned about protecting and preserving you hard earned assets, let us show you some of the little known secrets used to save taxes, increase income and pass assets on to your heirs with little or no tax consequence.


 Estate Planning

Protect and pass your estate on to your heirs and charities using the most effective tools available.

Social Security Planning

There are over 567 ways you can plan to take your Social Security. Do you know which one is right for you? We can help you navigate this important area of your retirement income.

Planned Gifting

Have you considered leaving a legacy to children and/or a charity? We have the tools and expertise to help you leave those valuable assets in ways that maximize the benefits and ensure you heirs are included.

Guaranteed Income

If you are at or near retirement you cannot afford to lose a dollar of retirement savings and you will need your income to last your entire life. Guaranteed income products can protect your assets from market losses and guarantee you an income you cannot outlive.

Tax Free Income

There is no reason you should leave anything more than the minimum the law requires to Uncle Sam. We believe that IRAs and 401ks are the wrong approach to saving for retirement, especially if you think taxes are going up in the future. We can show you why paying taxes today and creating a tax free retirement makes sense in today’s world.

IRA Exit Strategy

If you are an accredited investor we can show you a way to move your IRA into a ROTH IRA with little or no tax consequence. Ask us for the details.

Insurance Analysis

There have been many changes to life insurance over the years and many people are confused about what type of policy is best for them. We are always happy to provide a complete review of your current insurance programs and can educate you on what plans may be the most advantageous for you.

What Our Client Think of Us

We appreciate the kind words of those we have helped over the years and we are grateful that we have been able to be a trusted advisor to so many families. We know that every client depends on us to protect what they have worked hard to accumulate and we will continue to provide them with advice and counsel for as long as we can